Damdochax Lake Lodge was built by our family in the winter of 1982 as our home - all by hand, with an Alaskan chain saw mill, hand tools and no power. It is a very welcoming and wonderfully crafted structure, with hand-hewn beams, a beautiful wood cook stove for heat, modern furnishings and a combination of solar, propane, and kerosene lighting.

Whether it is planning the daily fishing schedule over breakfast, or sharing stories about fishing adventures over evening meals at the dinner table, the ambiance of the lake lodge will make you understand, for a moment, the spirituality of the Damdochax. For the time that you are away from yours, we want you to feel this is your family and home.
While very remote and rustic, life at the lake also boasts many modern amenities and creature comforts. From simple pleasures such as ice cold beer plucked from the glacier fed water hole, to a hot evening shower in a timber frame building under the glow of kerosene lamps and the warmth of wood-fired heat, all the way to high speed wireless internet, a stay at the Lake Lodge is a wilderness retreat like none other.
Anglers sleep in an historic Telegraph Trail cabin, built in 1938, and while sitting at the original linesman's table, command a magnificent view overlooking the lake and spectacular Blackwater Peak. Our large, timber framed workshop is also a perfect spot for a cigar and a scotch, and relaxing by the wood stove amidst the chain saws, chisels and the smell of freshly milled wood make for lasting memories. The shower building, Simms and Sage demo sheds, various woodsheds, outbuildings, and wall tent cabins make up the rest of the camp.

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